Behavior and Training

Looking for information on specific handling or task training?  Look no further...

Teaching Medically specific handling:

Sophia Yin Ear Cleaning/handling(pdf)

How to train your dog (or cat) to love nail trims

How to's From Mckeever Dermatology, including ear cleaning

Teaching your dog to love a muzzle:

Karen Pryor-muzzle training

We highly recommend Baskerville muzzle- you can find them on Amazon or

The Muzzle Movement

Training and Behavior are two topics that we find owners bring up in every appointment.  Training is a life long activity that can be done with any species and at any age.  

There's everything from socialization, manners, basic skills training, agility, service, specializations, hunting... the list could go on forever!  Luckily, we can help you and your pet find the training that best suits your needs.  

For puppies/kitties:  See our New puppy/kitten/adopted page for extensive information regarding everything you need to know about having a new pet!

If you have had your pet for some time, and are noticing behavioral changes, give us a call.  We always want to rule out any medical conditions that may cause your pet to change how they act.  Dog and cats cannot "tell" us how they are feeling physically, so signs of illness can manifest as behavioral changes.

Once we rule out medical conditions, we can take steps to change or manage these new behavior issues.  Sometimes its as simple as increasing exercise or adding more environmental stimulation.  Sometimes its starting a structured class or basic obedience lessons.  Other times it is more serious, and we have to refer you and your pet to an in-home trainer or a Veterinary Behavior Specialist.  

If you feel you would like to seek a behavior specialist:  Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota

Some behaviors have to be medically managed and never "go away".   This takes time and patience and we are here for you every step of the way.

Below are links to a few training and behavior resources.  If you have specific questions regarding behavior, please call our office (952) 942-5506. 

Pupdogs Training
Owner and operator:  Susan Ward, CPDT-KSA

*Group Classes held at Wag N Woofs Daycare in Eden Prairie

The Canine Coach

*Multiple locations, class types, skill level

Unleashed Behavior and Training 

*Multiple locations; Chanhassen, Chaska, Excelsior, Shakopee, Prior Lake, Waconia, Victoria, Mound


*Multiple locations including Eden Prairie at Paws Doggy Daycare

Hippie Dog

Are you getting ready for a new baby or do you already have children? Here are some resources to check out.

Family Paws:

Book Recommendation: "Living With Kids and Dogs, Without Losing Your Mind" by Colleen Pelar

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