We're pleased to offer the following services at Anderson Lakes Animal Hospital:

  • Wellness Exams- We recommend yearly wellness exams for all of our patients (young and old).  For our senior patients we do recommend wellness exams every 6 months.  Animals age much faster than humans, so keeping up with bi-annual check ups can help us detect and get ahead of any diseases that may arise.
  • Preventative care- including seasonal medications/treatments, vaccinations, parasite screening, and more!
  • New pet appointments- including new puppy/kitty consultations, new patients and new/adopted pets
  • Diagnostics-microscopic testing, cultures, blood work etc.
  • Radiology- full in house DIGITAL skeletal radiography with tele-medicine capabilities for board certified radiologist interpretations
  • In House Laboratory
  • Dental- from preventative and elective dental cleanings to urgent dental procedures including digital radiology and oral surgery.
  • Elective Surgery- including spay, neuter, lumpectomy, amputation and in-house orthopedic surgeries preformed by board certified veterinary orthopedic surgeons
  • Pharmacy (including prescription diets)
  • One on One consultations for variety of health and well being concerns, including behavioral concerns (by appointment)

Types of Pets Seen

Because we employ 3, highly skilled veterinarians, we pride ourselves on our personal interactions with our clients and patients.  At Anderson Lakes Animal Hospital, our practice is limited to dogs and cats.

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