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Puppy Parenting 101

 Here are some helpful links to guide you through this challenging but rewarding time.

Getting started with your new puppy-Ultimate Puppy ToolKit- For at home training, socialization and more!!

Do you have a new pet or looking to get one?  You have come to the right place for quality information, from trusted sources, to help you start off on the right foot with your pet!

For new puppies/kittens:

Have you researched the breed you want to get?  

Do you know their exercise requirements, intelligence level, temperament etc.?

Make sure you do research on your breeder.  There are many "breeders" out there.  You want to make sure your puppy/kitten is coming from a reputable source, who takes steps to better the breed and abides by  high standards of  veterinary care, sanitation, nutrition and socialization.  You should always ask questions of your breeder. 

See the link for How to choose a Good Breeder

So you picked your new furry friend, now what?!?! 

The golden rule for puppies and kittens... Train your new fur baby NOW to be the pet you want in the FUTURE. 

For example:  Do you want your dog to be around a lot of people and children?  Then make an effort to socialize with other people of variety of ages, races, and in different environments.  

Do you want your cat to be...awesome?! Proper,  positive experiences with different humans and proper environmental enrichment can help!

Do you want to have an outdoorsy dog that loves adventure and the open road?  Start early with car rides, water time, and expose them to different outdoor equipment.  

Always make sure you start with the proper veterinary care for your pets' lifestyle.  We can help with that, if you are feeling overwhelmed, please call our office and one of our technicians will take time to answer questions and plan for your first visit.  

Our technicians schedule your first fur baby appointment with education in mind.  They will walk you through our "puppy/kitten packet", answer medical and preventative care questions, training and some behavioral information.  Along with our doctors who will complete a full physical exam, discuss vaccination schedules, discuss neuter options, etc.  Your first visit is full of information!

At Anderson Lakes Animal Hospital, we strive to help build long lasting bonds between animals and their humans through positive interactions and a wealth of knowledge.

For newly adopted Pets:

The same applies for new dogs and cats as does for new puppies or kitties.  We need to acclimate them to the lifestyle we have in mind for them.  Classes can help build bonds and increase trust with new dogs and cats.  You may find behavioral quirks that require specialized training.   Your new buddy will change and adapt, as will you.  It's an exciting journey and we are here to help you with all aspects, from wellness care to behavior.  Just call our office!

See these links to help with acclimating your new furry friend:

For new cats

For new dogs

Helpful Links to Trainers and Online Training information

Ultimate Puppy- For at home training, socialization and more!

Sophia Yin Socialization Checklist for Puppies

Unleashed Behavior and Training 

*Multiple locations; Chanhassen, Chaska, Excelsior, Shakopee, Prior Lake, Waconia, Victoria, Mound



*Multiple locations including Eden Prairie at Paws Doggy Daycare


Look for Virtual Certified Trainers in your area:

Pupdogs Training  952-913-3170  Owner and operator:  Susan Ward, CPDT-KSA

*Group Classes held at Wag N Woofs Daycare in Eden Prairie

The Canine Coach 612-202-4732

Hippie Dog

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