End of Life/Hospice

Choosing to say goodbye to a dear pet is one of the hardest decisions a person will have to make.  The doctors and staff of Anderson Lakes Animal Hospital are here for you and your pet.  We are able to assist you through this difficult time.  Whether it is a sudden diagnosis and decline or an elderly pet, we can help you prepare your head and your heart for your pets' crossing over the rainbow bridge. 

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime to discuss how our doctors and staff navigate the euthanasia process. (952) 942-5506

Below are some very helpful websites and pieces of information that can help you through this difficult time.  

Knowing when it is time to say goodbye.

Quality of life Scale-Ohio State University

Children/families and the loss of a Pet

If you feel you would like to plan for an at-home euthanasia there are several at-home veterinary services that specialize in this service.  Feel free to research others, here are a few our clients have used in the past.

MN Pets at Home Euthanasia

Blue Skies Pet

Lap of Love

If you are struggling with the decision or need support after the euthanasia process:

Grief Support-MN Pets

Grief Support- University of Minnesota

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