Certified Technician Procedures

Anderson Lakes Animal Hospital employs Certified Veterinary Technicians.  These team members are highly skilled, motivated, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable.   We depend on our technicians for a variety of tasks including client education, client/patient care coordination, appointments, surgery, dentistry, and so much more! 
*Certain appointments for your pet can be directly scheduled with a technician at Anderson Lakes Animal Hospital. 
They include:
Happy Visits
blood work
urine collection
fecal specimen collection
anal gland expression
nail trims
softpaw placement
weight checks/daily caloric needs assessments
ear cleaning
medically necessary grooming
new puppy/kitten consultations
newly adopted pet consultations
diabetic consultations
subcutaneous fluid administration
palliative care consultations
 *All of these procedures are done under the supervision of a veterinarian.  Only appropriately vaccinated pets, who have had their exams with our veterinarians within the last year, can qualify for technician appointments.

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