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August Hours of Operation and Update on daily operations


Currently our clinic is operating with full service, in-clinic appointments.  Masks are optional.  We have discontinued our requirements for staff to wear masks at all times, so if you are immunocompromised or would feel more comfortable with our staff to wear masks during the appointment, please let someone know at the time you make the appointment.  

We are still offering curbside appointments for technician appointments and for anyone who would feel more comfortable staying in their car.  Just let a staff member know at check in.

We are still operating with curbside and/or pay ahead invoicing for medication/food/special orders.  We also have an online pharmacy on our website for direct shipping to your home!  Click the "shopping cart" icon on our website's homepage.

With veterinary care becoming an increased priority for a lot of folks, we find ourselves pivoting to a new hybrid way of scheduling.  The current state of affairs is that our back to normal, is not normal at all.  We have become a much busier practice in the last year and a half, in a good way!  We welcome this new normal with open hearts and minds. With that being said, we do want to make sure we are able to see all of our patients in a timely manner, whether that is wellness or ill.  

Here are some of our new protocols and scheduling procedures... 

-In general, we are urging clients that know their schedule ahead of time, to pre-book regularly scheduled appointments such as nail trims, anal gland expressions, cytopoint injections, booster vaccines appointments and progress exams.   Our technician schedule is filling up fast, just like your favorite hair stylist... :)

-We urge our clients that know their schedule to book their pets' wellness appointments as soon as they know the due dates.  If you receive correspondence from our clinic, either via email, text or post card, please call or visit our website to schedule an appointment.  

-Our staff has been trained to triage phone calls regarding sick or injured pets to one of our knowledgeable technicians.  Much like when you call your pediatricians' nurses' line... Our technicians are able to discuss at-home or over the counter remedies to many common ailments, or help decide if your pet needs an urgent exam.  

-We are dedicated to reserving same-day, urgent appointment slots for sick or injured pets that should not wait 24-48 hours for a visit.  

-We are also continuing same-day, urgent/emergency admit appointments.  This is an appointment in which you will leave your pet in our care for an extended portion of the day.  They are monitored by our technician staff and will be examined by a doctor in a timely manner.  The doctor on the case will be in contact with you as the day goes on with treatments and recommendations for care.  This can be a very convenient option for urgent health issues, however, we are limiting these appointments to 3 per day.

August Hours of Operation

Tuesday(7am-8am reserved for surgical admit and drop off appointments) 8am-6pm
Exception 8/24 8am-6pm only
Wednesday(7am-8am reserved for surgical admit and drop off appointments) 8am-6pm
Exception 8/18 8am-6pm only
Thursday(7am-8am reserved for surgical admit and drop off appointments) 8am-6pm
Exception 8/26 8am-6pm only
SaturdayOpen select dates in August.
Open dates: 8/14 8am-12pm
                      8/28 8am-12pm   

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