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Information regarding changes to our COVID-19 Protocols


We are aware of the changes regarding the changes to the mandatory mask mandate.  Our clinic was not made aware ahead of time by the CDC or the state of Minnesota regarding guidelines for re-opening our doors and letting our clientele back in.  

 Please bear with us until we are able to come together a team, with management and staff, to discuss how to ensure client and staff safety, as well as making this transition as smooth as possible.  As some of you may or may not know, our field is not considered a healthcare profession.  Veterinary medicine is lumped in with Agriculture, for that reason, we are still awaiting several of our staff to be fully vaccinated.  

 We want take into consideration all aspects of letting clients back into our hospital, with new temporary and/or transitional protocols and some protocols that  may stay long term.  We will be updating everyone within the week with the changes of COVID-19 protocols for our clinic.

Until further notice we will be continuing curbside appointments, medication/food pick ups etc.  There will be NO changes to our current protocol until our clinic has a chance to regroup and discuss, internally.

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your furry family members!  We appreciate everyone who has continued to be patient with our staff and clinic as a whole, over more than a year of curbside appointments.  You better believe we've waited for this week for a long time. We are ready to make moves, safely... please stay tuned to this blog, Facebook, and watch your email for protocol changes.  

- Ginger Zieman, DVM (owner and operator)

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